Halter Leash

All-In-One Head Collar & Lead

Halter and leash combination

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Dog Halter

Head Collar Training Aid

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[hr] [quote]AMAZING TRANSFORMATION. . . I highly recommend!!!
I have a rescue from the streets of Mexico. On a leash she practically crawled totally fearful of everything, tail between her legs, spinning and dragging me. Consequently walks were very stressful. Now using Perfect Pace, she is trotting along tail up and wagging. She is still a little apprehensive at times, but I am confident she will overcome her fears. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Perfect Pace has totally transformed my sweet girl. – Kathleen Mathys. [/quote]

[hr] [quote] I want to thank you all for an incredible halter leash! You guys are lifesavers! Here’s my story:
I am an Air Force wife, who joined a program fostering dogs and turning them into service dogs for veterans. A few weeks ago, I received Jango, my first foster dog. Jango is a 10 month old lab, who is rambunctious and full of energy! We live in the country, so taking Jango on a walk was extremely difficult because any wildlife he saw, he wanted to chase after. Our walks always ended up with my hands hurting, and me crying. I tried everything on this dog to get him to walk next to me, without pulling or tripping me. We tried cinch collars, choke chains, the gentle lead,… You name it, we tried it… And nothing seemed to work! One day, after one of our horrible walks, I stumbled on a website that recommended the perfect pace halter leash. I thought “what the hell, I’ve trie everything else.” So I ordered one, and received it in the mail within a couple of days. I took it out of the package, put it on Jango, and let me tell you… The heavens opened up and the Angels were singing! That day that I put the perfect pace halter leash on Jango was on of the best walks we have ever had! No pulling, no lunging, no trying to chase goats and chickens… Nothing! He just walked right by my side! And if he got a little bit away from me, I just gently and quickly put tension on the leash and he came right back. He no longer tries to get the halter leash off of his face, like he was doing with the gentle lead. He just walks. And I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for creating a perfect halter leash. Thank you for saving our walks! And thank you for making Jango a happy dog. – Stephanie D. [/quote]

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